Meet The Team: Georgina Llewelyn

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We all need a chief of cake and coffee

Who we are …..

Red Maple remove your IT headaches by offering a range of services to businesses across the North East and beyond. Based at Vallum Farm in Northumberland and operating since 2006, Red Maple provide ongoing managed IT support right through to one off projects including off site back- ups, resourcing, antivirus and security updates. The team cut through ‘techie’ jargon, making IT easy to understand, offering solutions to keep your business running smoothly

Meet Georgina

Not just technical whizz kids, here we find out more about the team and today introduce Georgina.

1. Describe your role at Red Maple
I came on board to develop the business and gain more exposure for Red Maple including bringing new clients on board.

2. What is it about Red Maple that is different to other IT firms out there?
They really care about their clients. Mike Proud the CEO is very hands on and always happy to help. They have incredible technical skills but are really nice people too. I have found that tecchies don’t always know how to communicate effectively, but Red Maple are different. Having worked at a number of IT organisations across the region, I haven’t found a company that cares more than Red Maple do.

3. Describe a typical day at Red Maple
Listening to random music (they all have such eclectic taste!), eating cake and drinking hot chocolate, coffee and water (obviously with our wonderful clients), brain storming, helping solve IT issues and taking a lunch time walk along Hadrian’s Wall!

4. In another life, if you weren’t a sales guru, what other profession would you have had?
I think I would run a husky rescue or sanctuary. Something that means I could spend all day covered in hair and getting cuddles from my beautiful fur kids, Blu and Dief.

5. What’s the best bit of business advice you have ever been given?
People buy from people not businesses. I have found this to be very true, but also running alongside that advice would be, if you are unsure of an answer to a question never say yes always be honest and say you don’t know but you will find out. I pride myself on being honest with people, in and out of business. I am pretty sure that’s why I have clients that have followed me about over the years.

6. Tell us one interesting fact that people don’t know about you

In my free time I volunteer for the Siberian Husky Welfare Association and other dog rescue organisations. I am a dog assessor, home checker, dog welfare supporter and foster mum. I’ve failed at fostering and now have 2 adopted huskies that are like my furry kids.

7. Name 4 people dead or alive you would invite to a dinner party
My great, great Auntie Ella, Maya Angelou, Mary Seacole and Matt Goss (yep I’m an old Brosette!)

8. When you are not at work, how do you like to spend your time?
Walking my huskies, renovating my house, spending time with my huge family (3 teens, 2 step teens), listening to music, going to gigs with my son (apparently I am a cool mum), buying shoes…

9. If you got stranded on a desert island, what are the 3 things you would take with you?
Well it would be too hot for my dogs so I guess it would be:

A sharp knife
A fishing net
An endless supply of drinking water

10. If your customers were to describe Red Maple in 3 words what would they say?
That’s easy; Friendly, professional, knowledgeable

To find out how Red Maple could support your IT, contact Georgina
m: 07841 590116 | e: or log onto: