Existing Customer? Read on...

Before calling us, we need to know some information. Please have the following ready:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Your computer name
  • Your problem and any steps you've taken to fix it
  • Whether you've rebooted the computer already or not

That last one is really important. 99% of the time, it'll cure you problem. If your problem immediately occurs again, that's when you should get in touch.

How to get in touch

If you have a change request or a non-service affecting issue, it's best to use the form below. For security purposes, we may need to verify your request with your point of contact at your business.

Below are examples of when you should use the form:

  • To change your name or other details
  • Ordering new equipment
  • Creating a new user or shared folder
  • A problem that doesn't affect you personally right now

If you have a major service affecting issue

A major service affecting issue can be classed as:

  • Something has happened to your place of work (e.g. fire, flood, evacuation, loss of power)
  • A vast majority, or all users cannot access any services
  • Someone has left the organisation and all access to data should be stopped
  • You suspect a security breach or loss of data

If any of these scenarios apply to you, you should call us immediately on:

0333 323 8101

Submit an issue or change request